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Host: Joe Weaver
Guests: Many
About the Show

Born out of late night conversations after (exactly) one too many in the complete dark, one guy decided to actually hit record on his voice memo app.

Many episodes and many guests later, Joe continues cracking a cold one with whoever he can get to sit on the other end of a microphone.

It goes like this, three friends gather around the mics with a brand new six pack and talk about three random, sometimes completely unrelated topics. Truly, it's mayhem. But we're okay with that.


December 5th, 2020



#50: Fjord Brewing Freya's Tears Amber Ale

We made it to FIFTY episodes! Absolutely insane. This week we're joined by the most regular cast, Dan and Sam to try some of Dan's home brewed beer and discuss some random topics. On this special episode, we discuss hobbies we picked up in quarantine that we plan on keeping afterward (14:30), TV shows we'd like to bring back (50:35), and we run through our Spotify 2020 Wrapped (1:09:13).


November 14th, 2020

Andrew C


#47: Voodoo Ranger American Haze IPA

Andrew and Erik return for an election week wrap-up podcast. We promise we'll get back to our traditional format with severely less politics, but for now, we don't really have any topics. This episode was recorded on Saturday November 7th, hours after news media had called the election for Joe Biden. A lot of this episode is our reactions and thoughts on the election week.

Next week we will return to topics! Comedy! And dumb stories.


November 28th, 2020



#49: Two Roads Blueberry Lemon Gose

Two guests (who've never done episode together) return for this week's episode. Sam joins us, alongside Dave, making his first appearance in over a year. We talk about tipping points that made us quit our jobs (15:15), our favorite dinosaurs (52:00), and our favorite conspiracy theories (1:02:00).


November 7th, 2020


#46: Tired Hands I Voted Today American IPA

The United States had an election this week. Maybe you've heard of it. That's right, this is a politics episode. @ItsPaulWarren from the "Let's Unpack That" podcast joins Joe on the podcast this week to discuss the election and talk about where the Republican party goes from here in a post-Trump world (24:10) and consequently, where the Democratic party will go from here after this election (54:15).


November 21st, 2020



#48: High Noon Vodka + Soda Variety Pack

The roommates are back! Devon and Teresa join us this week on the podcast in a return to form. This week we discuss Devon's turn around on Tik Tok (11:03), Teresa's latest obsession with the classic game Guitar Hero (27:49), and the worst places we've ever been stuck (56:06).


October 31st, 2020



#45: Pennsylvania Dutch Spiced Apple Wine

We're back! (Sorry about that break). We took a quick two week break but we are back for Halloween. Joe visited his friend Devon over the last weekend and sat down with her and her roommate Teresa to talk all things spooky. We discuss our best and worst Halloween costumes (10:13), our favorite Halloween stories (29:30), and our childhood Halloween traditions (55:00). We hope to not have another break like that (unannounced) for a while!